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Here is what some of our clients have to say!

"We have utilized DataStream Pro for some time and consider them to be an integral part to our business.  DataStream has always provided excellent service and consistent turn times for our reports.  Utilizing there services has allowed us to become more efficient and produce higher quality of reports.  I would strongly recommend DataStream's services; they would be a great asset to any organization."

Zach R


"DataStream has been an integral part of our business operations.  They have extensive knowledge of the appraisal profession and process.  There team is always on time, professional and accurate.  I would never consider running my appraisal business without them. 

Excellent company...excellent product!"

Phil C


"DataStream is a LIFESAVER for me.  I have utilized their service since 2005 and now I cannot envision my appraisal business without them.

As a one person shop, having their service has allowed me to accept more work and increase my income by at least 40%.  I am able to do 3 to 4 times as many appraisals in a week than I can when I type them myself. 

I email the property details and comps research in PDF format.  This is subject file data I would have to compile anyway.  I receive the typed appraisal via email and upload it into my Alamode software.  I have only to add my pictures,  sketch, and analysis to the report.  This way I am spending the bulk of my time inspecting the property, data research, analyzing data and formulating a value conclusion.  For me, this is how my time is best spent.

Every so often, I think, 'oh I'll just type this one up myself.'  Each time I do, I look up and I've spent 3 times as much time on that one appraisal when I could have sent it to Kathy.

They are meticulous about accuracy and adhere closely to my form requirements. 

Beware, once you get spoiled with DataStream's work product, it will be hard to go back to typing up your own appraisals.

The appraisal professsion is rapidly changing.  Adding a typist to your backoffice, like DataStream, is one way for an independent appraiser to keep up with the quality and turnaround challanges.

Thanks DataStream!."

Robin A



"There is one word that describes the service of DataStream Professional Service, and that is "Dependable." I always know that I can count on the quality and timeliness of the work and that gives me peace of mind."

Kathy M


"I initally used another service that always mixed up my templates with another appraiser.  It took longer to fix the report than it would if I did it myself.  Not with DataStream Pro who I began with in 2007.

I was on the internet looking for another service and lo and behold an e-mail from DataStream Pro arrived.  I soon called and asked the appropreate questions.

I have never had to make any changes and I have updated my templates numerous times.  It is so easy to do...fill out DataStream's Work Sheet, PDF all comps w/closing info, 1004MC data and usually within 24 hours the report is back in my e-mail inbox.  I usually send in the information before I go to see a property, if I know the neighborhood.  So when I get back the report is ready to finish.  It takes me 1.5 - 2 hrs to add sketch, photos, adjustments and market addendum and fine tune the report.  It can't get easier than that.

I have taken on additional assignments because of the extra time saved by using DataStream Pro.  Even with the low fees brought on by HVCC, using DataStream Pro is the best thing to happen in my office.

I give DataStream Pro - Two Thumbs Up!."

Bradford B