Professional Services, Inc.

Here's how it works!

Once you have completed your on-site field inspection, selected your comp's and drawn your field sketch, simply fax or email the information to us.* Working from your URAR, CONDO, MULTI,DRIVE-BY, GPAR, Vacant Land and ERCtemplates, we will 'merge' and data enter all the information you've supplied.

Our Services can include entering all subject and comparables information, drawing from your floor plan sketch, downloading your plat/flood/location maps, entering 1004MC data from what you supply,as well as scanning any paperworkinto the Workfile of each report, or a combination of any of the above services as you choose. Thus, saving you an enormous amount of time typing/scanning/downloading, etc.

Also, if you back up your reports in a 'vault-type' program, then the paperwork we have placed in the Workfile, includingyour field inspection forms, original order form, & manual field sketch will have been scanned into your package & stored, minimizing your paper filing system. We can also attach your emailed field inspection information into the Workfile of each report.

Once we complete the data entry work, we will email the entire appraisal packet back to you. The appraiser(s) are then responsible for proofreading, making the comp adjustments, completing your cost approach, downloading your photos (or we can do that for you too!), signing and submitting to your customer. NOTE: If you choose to email field photos of the subject and comps, we can insert those into your report as well.

Our timely turnaround is usually within 12-18 hours. In the case of priority or emergency needs of a client, turnaround time can be adjusted accordingly to meet their needs at a minimal extra fee.

*You can download our Field Worksheet here. If you need it edited for your specific area or requirements please contact us and we will edit it and send you the master copy.